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Healthy Cooking Challenge

Now that I am on a track to lose weight and getting healthy, I am also starting to switch to healthy lifestyle which will help me keep the weigh off.   Lifestyle change starts with consciously making food choices that have more Nutritional Bang for Caloric Buck as said wisely by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.    It is no news, that America diet is at its worst proved by adolescence   Boold Pressure cases, Child obesity rising, higher number of adults depending  cholesterol control  and High BP meds and the list just goes on.   One choice at a time we can make tremendous difference to our well being and we can do this without sacrificing the flavor and taste. 

Therefore, when I came across the Healthy Cooking Challenge(HCC)  series by Smita of My Tasty Treats, I thought that is a great way to start making changes to healthy eating habits.  I would like to thank Smita for initiating this HCC Events and giving me the opportunity to host the event featuring Healthy Desserts.  HCC is a series of events hosted each month with focus on a course/meal with healthy cooking in mind.    

I am a sucker for Desserts and therefore I have chosen it.  This is also a tough one as we all love a sweet piece of whatever, and it is usually packed with calories and a lot of it from fats and not to mention empty calories.   However, there are many healthy options available.   So let’s put your creative minds to work in kitchen to whip up decadent desserts!  Please send dessert from any part of the world to this event!

Here’s how Healthy Cooking Challenge (HCC) works:

  1. Post a recipe on your blog during the dates of July 1st – July 31st 2011.
  2. I would appreciate if you use the above logo for your post,It helps to spread the word , though it is not mandatory.
  3. You can use your old recipes however you will need to re-post them.
  4. You can only post vegetarian recipes and the use of eggs are allowed.
  5. No recipes which are deep fried please.
  6. Please link to the Jolly Vindaloo’s HCC Event Page (this  Page)  and Smita’s HCC Event announcement page.
  7. Multiple entries are allowed.


Email me at with the following information

  1. Name
  2. Blog Name
  3. Name of the recipe
  4. Link to your post
  5. Picture of the dish

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